yuvatrip.com intends to provide clear information about products and services. The information and data are generic in nature. Our efforts are to offer accurate and responsible data. We are not responsible for any sort of discrepancies.

There is no purpose of violating any copyright or intellectual copyrights issue. All information provided on the portal is subject to the discretion of the same and is likely to change without any notice. Though, any changes in public utility will be communicated immediately in our portal.

We have tried to maintain high standards in quality, clarity and accuracy of the material posted on the portal. yuvatrip.com is not legally responsible for the same in any matter what so ever. Employees, partners and associated staff of yuvatrip.com are not accountable for any loss, harm or damage occurring due to usage of information from the portal. Customers are advised to use their own discretion in such matters. It is the responsibility of the customer to understand the limitations of transactions and the risks involved, we take no liability in such cases.

yuvatrip.com reserves the right to change or withdraw the promotional offers. These are at the sole discretion of management. The terms and condition of this promotional offer are subjected to change without prior notice. All promotional discounts are at the sole discretion of yuvatrip.com

yuvatrip.com shall not guarantee or be held responsible or liable for any services offered by finance partners/ dealer partners that are not within the control of yuvatrip.com

EMI calculated is based on the information entered and is for reference purposes only. It does not include any processing or other fees, which depends on the bank or financial institute. The amount is in Indian Rupees and rounded off to the nearest whole number. Subject to credit approval. Actual down payment and resulting monthly payments may vary depending upon type and use of vehicle, regional lender requirements, and the strength of your credit. Check with your dealer for exact monthly payment.

yuvatrip.com as an intermediary

The Company hereby expressly represents that is acting as an intermediary between travelers and entities or persons providing the services described in the itineraries. Consequently, the Company shall not be liable for any deficiency, nor for any accident, damage, injury, delay or irregularity in the services provided, nor for the luggage and other objects belonging to the travelers.

The Company makes every effort to keep all information posted on the website yuvatrip.com updated; however, neither the Company nor yuvatrip.com shall be liable for damages resulting from any errors and omissions in the information provided on the website.

The Company hereby disclaims any liability resulting from any delay, advanced departure or cancellation established by airlines or other carriers, and any and all costs arising there from shall be borne by travelers.

If tours do not have the required minimum number of travelers or if due to any justified reason the Company is forced to cancel any trip, enrolled travelers shall only be entitled to a refund of amounts paid, expressly waiving the right to assert any other claim.

The Company assumes no liability for hotel grading criteria or hotel compliance monitoring. Tour packages and itineraries sent to travelers show hotel grades as officially assigned by local tourism authorities.

The Company does not guarantee the handling of baggage and personal items, and travelers assume complete and full responsibility therefore. Travelers are therefore advised to obtain appropriate travel insurance coverage against this risk.

The Company assumes no responsibility by reason of bad weather conditions, demonstrations, riots, war or war rumors, or any Act of God or force majeure events outside the control of either party that may adversely affect the tour.

The use of air or land transportation by travelers implies a direct relationship between carrier/s and travelers. Travelers are advised to obtain flight cancellation insurance.

In the event of cancellations affecting services contracted by the agency, the refund of such services shall be subject to the terms of the agreement under which services are rendered by the relevant companies. In the event there are refunds, agencies shall be entitled to deduct up to ten (10) percent for themselves.

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