5 Things to Do In Odisha | Unexplored places in Odisha

Things to Do In Odisha:- Undoubtedly, Odisha is Goa of the East, there is no other land like Odisha. This state has always been a victim of Nature’s rage but it never gave up, it fights back every time. This state is still unaffected by modernity, meanwhile, it has developed a stability and embarked a bridge to match present and past with tradition and culture. Odisha tourism has not thrived enough But many of tourist love to explore wildlife, Panorama and ancient architectural sites of Odisha.

Things to Do In Odisha| Unexplored places in Odisha

Best Things to Do in Odisha

  1. 1. Explore a masterpiece of Kalinga architecture and feel the divinity at Surya Mandir of Konark, which was known for its great wealth.
  2. Take a dip in ChandrabhagaBeach, and revere the sun God during a 7-days fair. It is a short distance away from Sun temple of Konark.
  3. Don’t Miss to take a part in a voyage to heaven- JagannathRathYatra in July. Every Hindu should appear to this Yatra if they are visiting Odissa. It is not just magnificent and spectacular but also bestows us God’s grace.
  4. Explore a legendary place where time takes a pause to emerge out extremely captivating- Ratnagiri, here ruins of state always steals the heart, and panorama colors the soul with spirituality.
  5. Spot King Crocodiles at BhitarKanika Wetland.
  6. Explore a taboo wildlife and diversity in a landscape of Simlipal National park and NandankanZologicalPark.


Odisha is not very famous among travelers but it has a spectacular beauty and diversity of nature that let the soul float free in its tradition, culture and landscape beauty. Many of the adventure enthusiasts, nature lover and crazy people who love to discover the history and architectural ruins come to this land of amazement.

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