Kashmir Tour: Once In a Lifetime Experience

Most of us have grown up hearing “Kashmir is Heaven on Earth” but how many of us have actually planned to explore this heaven?  Well, traveling to Kashmir in the lap of bountiful natural beauty, I wondered what life is really like and it turns out to be a blissful experience as an answer. But I know whenever one thinks to visit Kashmir ever hyping question synonymous to terrorism and the images appears in the mind that takes over the charm of the valleys. But after experiencing the alluring city, I’m glad it has been busted.

And if you are planning a holiday in Kashmir for about 2-4 days as you are a professional and cannot spare more time then you must include these glorious places in your bucket list.


  • Srinagar

When I decided to take the Kashmir tour the first thing that came in my mind was the Shikara Ride in Dal Lake a beautiful place ringed by an arc of green mountains and an array of colorful houseboats all around. Nothing can beat the peace and beauty of a place. Not only this, for all the shopaholics out there if you really want to buy something special and interesting stuff you can easily grab your hand on alluring things with a lot more hope of bargaining. But I will say you are still missing out on something exciting that is visiting Lal Chowk market in the evening. After exploring the busy market if you will be lucky enough then definitely book a date with Dal Lake for an evening with a mesmerizing sunset in the scenery.  You will come to know why Srinagar is known as the heart of Kashmir.


  • Yousmarg

Frankly, before visiting Kashmir I always had a question in mind that why people ask not to miss out on Yousmarg if you ever make plans to visit Kashmir. But I guess now I know the answer because how anyone can miss on the divine beauty of a place that is beyond words. May it be the fragrance of pine trees or multi-hued blossoms everything is just perfect. My adventure just does not end here with the sweet fragrance of pine trees. It abounded in the valley as there are beautiful lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. As travelers, we are always fond of trekking; Yousmarg is a paradise for trekkers full of thrilling trails. Ohh!! One thing I forgot to share, I came across a fact that Yasumarg is also known as the “Meadow of Yasu” but why? Because it is believed to be the home of the lord, well, undoubtedly it seems nothing less than the home of the lord.


  • Pahalgam

I can bet this place can give you the best sneak peeks in the entire Kashmir Trip the melody sound of crystal clear water and gleaming snow clad mountains peak will leave you mesmerizing. I went to explore the Betaab Valley where Sunny Deol starrer Betaab was shot; you will feel like never coming back from a peaceful place. But if you want to visit the Betaab Valley you need to take a taxi from Pahalgam taxi stand to visit Betaab Valley, Aru Valley etc. While you are traveling through a taxi the beautiful scenic view will leave you saying “Awee” well I said it. Such a soothing experience all the way.


  • Gulmarg

The valley of blossoms is what I will describe Gulmarg as. If you are also planning to visit Gulmarg in a non-snowing season as I had then flowers in purple and white with misty hills and chinars in the background will take your heart away.  It is a perfect combination to experience a little cold and little warmer environment. If you will carry a shawl or jacket it will go perfectly. Well, no trip is accomplished until you don’t get a chance of skiing. How can anyone miss hands-on Gondola lift, one of the major attractions of the hill station, Right? It is the only cable car in the entire of Asia that is elevated over 13, 500 ft. above sea level. Much higher No, but thrilling at the same time I guess.

So, that makes it all, I guess the overall experience was enthralling; I made really exciting memories visiting Kashmir and meeting the natives. But one thing is for sure never visit Gulmarg valley on foot late in the night as it was my steps breaking the silence and few grazing animals around. I was a little afraid as you can also be in somewhat situations. So, what are you waiting for go and visit Kashmir if you need to add such an amusing memories to your journal?

Truly said if there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here in Kashmir!!

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