Great Metropolis of India that Host IPL Fantastic tourist destinations

Great Metropolis of India that Host IPL Fantastic tourist destinations:- I am a big fan of IPL. There is no doubt it is a competition of interest for every Indian. Schedule of IPL 2018 has released by BCCI. Here I am telling about the cities that host IPL. India is a great country and thriving to become again the Golden Bird. IPL has given India a new identification in the cricket world.

These cities are great metropolises that have biggest stadiums in India. But apart from IPL hosting this city have many things to offer. If you are going to watch IPL match in One of this city do not come back without exploring these cities. Here I am sharing how I found these cities amazing with IPL.

Great Metropolis of India that Host IPL Fantastic tourist destinations


 City of Dreams who never sleep:- This is a very glamorous city of India. After listening to the name of the city the first thing clicks to mind is Bollywood. This city is famous for the film industry, people say everyone who resides in this city is a big dreamer and I totally agree with them. The marine drive is most fascinating part of this city. Youngsters, oldies, travelers and college students all hang out at this place and gaze over the waves hitting the city.

The view is as thrilling as it is fascinating. There are many things to do in this city. Nightlife and parties contribute to this cities culture. The slums of Mumbai have also colored by a non-profit organization, which made it worth visit once, for them who really want to explore the folds of this city. So If you are visiting this city for IPL match must wander in this splendid city.


Throne of Power

This is national capital of the state. Delhi has served as a throne of power in ancient time, this city is not an only national capital of India but it also served as the capital for Mughal and BritishEmpire. This city is a mix of culture and modernity, on one side this serves to status quo on other it symbolizes art and culture of times. Many of the heritage build during the Mughal and British Era are special attractions of the city.

It has been the art and cultural hub in ancient time, many of the artisans, singers and scholars visited this city and made it their home. the most recognized example is Khwaza Nizamuddin a Mughal scholar who traveled from the middle east and then settled to this city in his late life. There is no dearth of places to see in this city, if you are visiting this city then I must recommend you to once taste the street food of this city.



 London of subcontinent

This city is a second largest city in India. Kolkata was formerly known as Calcutta. This ancient city proclaimed as a trade gateway to India. East India Company first settled their power on this land to rule over In India. This is spectacular city remarking British Era architecture, the roads, buildings, settlement in the city, monuments are largely influenced by British architecture. This city is not known for its harbor and trade access but also education and scientific researchers. Many of the world-class colleges are here.

This is an epitome in itself.  The largest stadium of India Salt Lake and Eden Garden are located in this city. Its regal architecture includes the skyline of Howrah Bridge- an immense specimen of architecture, flyovers, and Building built during the British era. This city is only in India, which has a tram system. Metros and buses functioning here best transportation services. There are many things to do and see in this city which can not we list down here. But if you are visiting this city for IPl, don’t return without exploring this amazing city.



 City of Diamonds

There is no doubt that this city is a real treasure to India. Hyderabad is an ancient city of the state of Hyderabad in past. Now this city capital city of Telangana state. The architecture, heritage, and culture of this city spectacular in a huge city. This city is famous for diamond mining world’s most popular 105.6-carat Kohinoor diamond was mined here.  The design and architecture of this city have one of the best ventilation systems. Another splendid of the city is Charminar, while the mystery, why this building was built? inquire people, its amazing piece of architecture enthrall them.

Hyderabad also has a second home of the president of India known as Rashtrapati Nilayam .when we talk about India we can’t stop talking about Tollywood and Bollywood, the splendid Ramoji Film city is one of the biggest film city of the world, it is just like Universal studio Of LA. This city is surrounded by well-protected Forest and wildlife for centuries, which are one who first inhabits tigers in a park. It is not possible if we are talking about we skip IT industry, Hyderabad was known as Hi-Tech city dwelling to It companies Headquarter like Microsoft, HCL, Adobe and many, and most of the IT geeks belongs to this city, one very famous CEO of Adobe born Here. This city has accomplished too much, During IPL don’t miss to explore this city of pearls.



A morning on the Marina beach on Chennai glancing the sun rising over the horizon this most beautiful experience of this city. This city is a perfect blend of modernization and culture, in this city one can partake one of the softest Idlis in the world. Chennai is very famous for its temples one of the most beautiful temples of this city KapaleshwarTemple, Get in for the while get impressed and come out with spirituality.

There are many institutes who have preserved art and culture of India like Bharatanatyam and Dravidian music. You can get amazed while strolling in that institute. This city is a charm and keeping natural beauty in its boundaries. It is largest commercial and industrial center of India.  The oldest continual using stadiums M.A Chidambaram Stadium is a unique attraction of this city. This city has everything to offer everyone on this IPl have an encounter with this wonderful city.


This city always hosts IPl matches and full of heritages and fascinating things to do and see. There are other cities in India who host IPl in every season we will discuss those cities in our another article. You can visit YuvaTrip packages for these cities to explore folds of these cities.



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