Best Places to Visit in Ladakh: Offbeat Destinations in Summer

Best places to visit in Ladakh:- Ladakh is an exception that does not need any introduction. This island of mesmerizing meadows, moody sky, exotic lakes and playful river. One should visit Ladakh to experience intoxicating shades of nature.

It is the roof of India; Ladakh is bucket adventure and an abode for a crazy mind, which seeks something new every time. Ladakh Holiday packages always loved by travelers. Over a decade, Ladkah Tourism has gained an unmatchable popularity that no other place cannot gain in such a small duration of time.

Here are some best places in Ladakh that have not gain much popularity but can give you an unforgettable experience.

Best Places to Visit in Ladakh: offbeat Destinations in Summer

1. Diskit

While locating in Nubra Valley it is a transit hub, dwelling to appealing monastery having a giant statue. An amazingly beautiful town having a prominent market to buy woolens of a different kind. This settlement encompasses with great white mountains is interestingly beautiful. One should spend a day in wander here for a quaint experience.


2. Panamic Village

This village is also located in Nubra Valley, a picture perfect village having the vicinity precise for camping and camel riding. Embracing beautiful panorama of lofty mountains and lakes and a nice village having an old settlement is ready to give u an unforgettable experience of tradition and culture. This destination is for real explorers.

3. Chemery

Chemery is a biker’s destination, a village located in Leh district having an enthralling way to reach chemistry Monastery. This village is for real explorers, here mingle with the crowd and discover its beauty surrounded by Warren White Mountains.


4. Tso Kar Lake

Another attraction of Leh Ladakh Tour- popular as ‘White Lake’ having every corner and nook of shore brimming with salt water. Tso Kar Lake is most beautiful Lake of Ladakh. Here people come for bird watching due to the home of the rich hotspot of wildlife and birds.


5. Hemis Festival of Ladakh

Hemis festival of Ladakh is very attractive, here you can spot people wearing finest clothes and dancing on local folk songs. This is a magnificent depiction of Ladakh’s art and culture through a fair. it will give you a wonderful experience to cherish forever.


These are some amazingly best things to do in Ladakh.  A multitude of Tourist loves Ladakh Holiday packages due to its wonderful beauty and culture. Ladakh tourism maintains various Monasteries of Ladakh, that attracts tourist from all over the globe. You can Book cheapest Ladakh Holiday and Tour packages with us and cherish over its beauty.

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