Amazing Hill Station near Delhi to Visit During Summer

Amazing Hill Station near Delhi to visit during summer:- If you are seeking an escape from the scorching heat and planning a vacation to some chilly hill retreat, there are many pristine hill stations near Delhi that are ready to offer an unbeatable experience and wonderful pictures of you with hills, clouds, and serenity in the background. Here are the following best hill stations near Delhi.

List of Hill Station near Delhi

1. Kalsi

Kalsi is an amazing hill station near Delhi within 300Kms. The famous Ashokan rock edict is located here. Rock edict has inscribed with the fourteen edicts of Emperor Ashoka. It is a gateway to a tribal region the Jaunsar-Bawarlocated on meeting points of rivers.

2. Munsiyari

Located in range of 600Kms from Delhi Munsiyari is enchanting holiday destinations perfect for trekking. This little hill town lies in the foothills of the PanchachuliPeaks. It is an idyllic spot for trekking and chilling with family vacation and friends. Here one can enjoy a nature holiday unforgettable for the gorgeous beauty and looming peaks of Nanda Kot, Nanda Devi, and Rajarambha, in additional brilliant weather and romantic ambiance.


3. Binsar

Located amidst the mighty Himalayan peaks including Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Kedarnath, Nanda Kot, andPanchachuli in Almora district; Binsar is gorgeous hill destination having continued to lure countless nature’s wonder seeker, tourist and trekking buffs.  The thick greenery, dense canopy of oak, pine and rhododendron forests, meadows of vibrant flowers entices visitors to stay a little longer. It is hill station in 400km from Delhi


4. Peora

A favorite destination of every fruit lover- Peora is a land of juicy fruit orchards. This hill station is as beautiful as fairy tales’ villages fringed with sky-kissing pine, most serene can make your heart go on. A hill station in 400kms from Delhi.



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