A Cursed Fort of Raja Jagatpal Singh

There is no doubt that India is flooded with various mysterious things and places where untoward incidents occur. In the state capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi, there is a cursed fort nearly 18 Kilometers away from the city in Pithauria Village. Yes, we are talking about a mysterious Raja Jagatpal Singh Fort where various untoward incidents occur frequently. Local people don’t dare to enter into the fort even in the day time.

 The fort is around 200 years old and it is turned into ruins due to the thunderstorm.  Some times before, it was a big place including 100 rooms. A curse made it ruined now as every year it is attacked by a lightning strike and every year, some of the parts of the fort are destroyed. Believe it or not, but according to locals, the reason behind the thunder strike is the curse given to King Jagatpal Singh. It is not easy to digest in today’s time. Though lightning strike a natural phenomenon nut striking at the same place every year for decades is quite unbelievable. 

Who was King Jagatpal Singh?

According to the historians, from starting, Pithauria was the popular center for the Mundas and Nagavanshis’ kings. This area is inscribed in history because of the revolt of Kaul in 1831-32. King Jaimangal Singh and his son Jagatpal Singh did plenty of work for the good of the people. Jagatpal Singh was so much popular among his people, but later because of some mistakes, he became a villain in the eyes of his people.

What was his crime?

His first mistake was in the revolt in 1831. The tribes under the leadership of Sindruya and Bindrai had organized a movement but the geographical presence of the region was not able to suppress unaware English revolt. So, British officer Wilkinson sent a message of support to King Jagatpal Singh, and Jagatpal Singh accepted it and helped the British. Then, Governor General William Ventic gave them a life-long pension of Rs. 313 per month. His second and greatest crime was in the Revolution of 1857.

In the first freedom struggle of 1857, in order to stop the revolutionaries, they had siege the Pithauria Valley so that, the revolutionaries could not succeed in their motive. Not only that, as a fink, he also used to inform every movement of the revolutionaries to the British. He also testified against Vishwanath Sahdev and other revolutionaries and due to this Vishwanath Sahdev was executed on the Kadamb tree in the Ranchi District.

It is believed that, in order to stand with British and deceitful with the country, Vishwanath Sahdev gave a curse to Jagatpal Sigh that there will be no progeny of him and there will be thunder striking on his fort until it would get ruined. From decades every year thunder strikes on it and destroys some of its parts.

Now, this place is quite eerie and nobody wants to enter the fort even in the day time. According to the scientists, the abundance of iron ores present in hills as well as long trees around it attract the sky electricity and they provide the medium, due to which there are frequent thunder strikes in the rainy days. But the question is that why it didn’t happen when the fort was inhabited for decades? At that time, there was more trees and iron ore than today. This two-story Palace spread over 30 acres, had more than 100 rooms and it was of red color, made of stones, bricks, and seals. This Palace had a glimpse of the Mughal architecture. Besides all that, there was a Shiva temple for worship and a pond for the bathing of the queens. The Shiva temple is ruined but the small river around it is still right.

Very few people know about this place and those who know, visit this place for the river but most of them don’t dare to enter the fort. So, want to visit this haunted fort in Ranchi, Jharkhand?

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