5 Things To Do Before You Die

5 Things To Do Before You Die

1. Formula Rossa, Ferrari world Dubai

One of the thrilling roller coasters of the world, Formula Rossa is a specimen of machine representing strength and speed. Ride at 240kmh gives cinematic experience. If you are a fan of Fast and furious the ride is precise stuff to do once in your lifetime. Roaring noise of the engine, a glimpse of what is about to pass, wind dispersing your hairs and speed tingling your nerves will make your adrenaline pumping through your veins. The faded reminder of what you just have experienced will confuse you. It is world’s fastest roller coaster ride in Abu Dhabi.


2. Singapore Flyer, Singapore

Ferris wheel at Singapore is world’s largest observatory wheel. Its diameter is 150 meters; it is 165 meters high and travels at 0.21m per second. Sight form the flare radically different and alluring during the day and at night, hard to choose the best time to take a ride.  If you love the notion of flying the activity is not to be missed out.


3. Underwater Sea Walk at Grand Way, Mauritius


The notion to walk on seabed enthrall our senses, experiencing fishes passing aside you and amazing marine life of Indian Ocean. It’s an unforgettable experience!  The excursion starts with a dive platform, continues with astronaut’s helmet and ended with underwater fish feeding. You can walk on seabed up to 10feet below the surface.


4. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Walk, China

Take a walk through a glass-bottomed bridge, the most thrilling thing ever to be done. it sways a little when people walk on it. It is 430 m long and located at a height of 360m. It is the scariest walk over a bridge, even you can spot some tourist crawling and screaming. The bridge build between two cliffs.


5. Waialua, the U.S.A. with Skydive Hawaii

The world’s most amazing drop zone is located on Hawaii’s North Shore. Here you can take the view from up to 20,000 feet. For first-time dive Tandem skydiving is recommended here The instructor will accompany you during the dive. This is one of the most amazing things once to do before you die.


These were some thrilling activities you should do once before you die. On yuvatirp.com various travel enthusiasts look for packages for such activities. You can bask in these places and get an experience of a lifetime.

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