5 Most Dangerous Railway Tracks in The World

Railway journeys are the quite fascinating and amazing mode of transportation. There are numerous train journeys very spectacular views and some of them include the most dangerous and spine-chilling routes. Have you ever crossed a trick or a dangerous bridge while you are on a train journey? Here we have presented some of the most dangerous train routes in the world.

1. Kuranda Scenic Railway – Australia
Across the Baron George National Park in Australia, Kuranda Scenic Railway offers both, scenic as well as frightening views throughout the train journey. The route is connecting between Cairns and Kuranda in Queensland. This 37 Km long route offers picturesque views where the passengers can also enjoy waterfalls and green forests.

2. Devil’s Nose – Ecuador
Nariz-Del-Diablo or Devil’s Nose is an insidious railway track that covers the mountains and narrow pathways of Ecuador. This is located in the Andes Mountains which is 9,000 feet above the sea level. It is one of the scariest railway journeys where passengers can experience the steep, mountains, and cliffs, during the journey where old boxcar running on the older tracks.

3. Minami Aso route – Japan
The Minam Aso Route in Japan is one of the daunting Railways Tracks in the world. It crosses the land surrounded by the Mount Aso which is located in Kumamoto and it is the most active volcano. The track largely passes across a high and fragile iron bridge which was damaged during the Kumamoto earthquakes. The unpredictable volcanic eruptions make this railway track extremely hazardous. The last volcanic eruption scorched the nearby landscape that threatened the safety of passengers.

4. Death Railway – Thailand

Death Railway or Burma Railway was built by the Japanese during the World War-II. The railway is connecting Bangkok to Rangoon (Yangon) which is one of the most frightening railway tracks in the world. The route gets its name from the blood & sweat poured by the thousands of prisoners of war and the local workers who died during the construction of the track. After the reopening of the track in 1956, only one line is operational. The train runs on the precarious railway tracks with very little or no safety from the land below.

5. Chennai-Rameswaram Route, India

The Pambam Bridge is a Railway line connecting between the two South Indian Cities, Chennai and Rameswaram. It was built on 1914 and it is around 2 Km long on the seabed. The bridge is elevated above the water and sustained by 145 pillars of concrete. However, the bridge is often flooded by the ocean. Apart from that, the strong whirlwinds coming from the sea also endanger the railway track which leads to slow down the speed of the train to only four meter per second.

So, these were some of the most dangerous Railway Tracks from all around the world. Would dare to travel in any of them?
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