10 Fascinating and Interesting Facts about Malaysia

Malaysia, Truly Asia! It is one of the wealthiest Countries in Southeast Asia in terms of investments, Skyscrapers, wildlife, exotic food, nature, and so many other things. Here are 10 interesting facts about Malaysia that are worth knowing and give reasons to travel to Malaysia.

  • What makes it Unique

Malaysia is the only country in the world that has its territories on both, the mainland of Asia and islands. Apart from that, it also has an island named Borneo that shares three countries, i.e. Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. Borneo is also the third largest Island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea.

  • Durian Fruit

Durian is a fruit loved or hated all and it is referred to as the King of Fruits as well. Durian has a very strong odor and flavor. The fact is that it is banned in metro trains and Hotels all across Asia including Bangkok and Singapore as well.  It is passionately worshipped and you can also have other treats like Durian Ice Cream, Durian Crème Brulee, Durian Cheesecakes etc.

  • PETRONAS   Towers

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a Twin Tower building which was the longest building in the world until 2004. However, they are still the tallest twin Towers in the world joined by a sky bridge at 41 and 42 floors.

  • Home of Giant Leaf

Alocasia Macrorrhiza or Giant Taro is the single largest leaf in the world that is originated from the Malaysian state Sabah.

  • World’s Largest Cave Chamber

In Malaysia, there is a cave chamber named Sarawak in Gunung Mulu National Park, is the largest cave chamber in the area in the world. It is also said that it is as large as it can easily accommodate Boeing 747.

  • Longest Bridge in Southeast Asia

Penang Second Bridge in Malaysia connecting Malaysia mainland and Batu Maung in Penang Island is the longest Bridge in Southeast Asia. The length of the bridge is approximately 15 miles.

  • Culture and Traditions   

One of the most amazing facts about Malaysia is that it is rich in culture and caters lots of traditions. People of different races like Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan, and Iban etc. are getting along as one.

  • Famous Celebrities

Michelle Yeoh a popular Hollywood actress is originally from Ipoh, the state capital of Perak, Malaysia. She is usually famous for her work in famous Hollywood movies like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Bond girl in James Bond – Tomorrow Never Dies, The Lady, and Memoirs of a Geisha etc. 

Jimmy Choo, which is widely popular all across the globe, is basically a Malaysian fashion Designer who was born in Penang.

  • Buildings with 4th Floor

Another one of the interesting facts is that, in Malaysia, you will find some buildings with the fourth floor. Instead of four, they use 3A. This is because four (si) in the Chinese language sounds similar to death.

  • World’s Largest Flower

In Borneo, Malaysia, you can find the largest species of Rafflesia exotic flower. Rafflesia arnoldii is a giant flower which is also known as Corpse Flower because it smells like Corpse. The flower can be blown up to 3 feet with the weight of 11 kilograms. 

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